Exterior Deck Construction Using PneuScrew

Exterior Construction

PneuScrew® fasteners let you build faster on the outside with superior holding power over ring shank nails. PneuScrew fasteners are available in multiple coatings, metal types and in various lengths to allow you to build faster with unsurpassed quality.

PneuScrew fasteners are perfect for use on decking, fencing, sheathing, framing or virtually anywhere nails or screws are used in exterior construction. These revolutionary fasteners are also ideal for use when manufacturing wood pallets and shipping and storage crates, where simple assembly and disassembly for continual reuse is needed.

Code approved for shear walls.

PneuScrew fasteners are manufactured with hardened tempered steel, which provides the shear values, tensile strength and tortional loads required for use in shear wall applications. View ICC-ES 0133 Evaluation Report for more information.